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Hi there! Youre phree to use any of my names, which are all in my pronouns thingy! im a minor (15-17), and so homo its crazy. Just a simple artist doing art things !! I use all pronouns so no need to worry about misgendering me.
ima computer virus that somehow likes roblox n likes to type n talk with ppl! er uhm erm ima maned wolf / Turkish Angora Cat / Marbled Fox / jellyfish therian and a fictkin of many characters. im basically an irl cartoon character.
im cringy af, sparkledog vibes. the party person of all time. My special interests are roblox, fnaf, mlp, pokemon, and a some more ( my mind is plauged with stuff) and so many more interestsim way too lazy and its way too personal phor me to exactly type out. i have so many interests its
so tl;dr - im affected by things phrom my past as well as a mingled bunch of mental illness that affects how i act and int ( tends to make me hella paranoid ).
back on a lighter note, you may know me phrom my phanart! i indulge and eat media like im staving. It should be known im very passonate about my interests, and dont take very kindly to people judging me phor what i enjoy.i also pour my heart into my projects. most original project or aus are used as a way phor me to project what ive gone through in a kinda projection way. Faith and Solstice is a good representation but you can also say that my fnaf aus and roblox phandom aus phall into this aswell. i tend to often try to portray different kinds of trauma and how it can affect someone. with that, my stories do contain triggering content, but i make sure to always warn it

☆⋆🌈Special Intreasts🌈⋆☆

Roblox (Regretevator, Phighting!, Jim’s Computer, Ocean Terror, GASA4), FNAF, Pokemon, MLP, World Building, Story Writing, Character Design, Space/Stars


Pokemon (Anime+Movies), MLP, The Muppets, Sesame Street, The Amazing Digital Circus, Elements of Insanity, BFB / TPOT / BFDI, II, Sonic shows, Fundamental Paper Education, Madoka Magica, S.A.M, old fnaf sfm !


ROBLOX!!, FNAF, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Bonnie's Bakery, Inscryption, Adventures With Anxiety, Tattletale, Undertale, Deltarune, TNAR/Most FNAF Fan Games, Undertale Yellow


my music taste varies A LOT, but here are some fav artists :3 *** means it’s my fav ! - Boggio*** - Metaroom - FNAF artists*** - Nitroglitch - NateWantsToBattle*** - Aviators - MiatriSs - The Living Tomstone - SatMaxWell - FAKE TYPE. - Vylet Pony - CircusP - CreepP - Team Mekano - MAILPUP - Gynx - Ida Deerz - Alice Gas - S3RL - Spott - dashie - Maple - Machine Girl*** - Miracle Musical - Bvlk - Pokemon OST - bliss3three - Sonic OST*** - Amiga Deluxe - Splatoon OST - Phil_Thyrich*** - Axosun***


World building, Character development/designs, World building, Mental Health, Old 2015-2018 FNAF era ( fnaf ships n stuff like that !! )